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I choose to photograph so many different types of subjects including: nature, landscape, pets, sport, couples, lifestyle, consumer products, advertising, commercial head shots and modeling.

My style is derived from the many personalities with a touch fantasy along with my unique photographing techniques & style, my attention to detail & enhancing process really finishes to bring out the beauty and character in each photo. I love working with people and get to know more about them during the shoot so I can hear all the ideas from them to find the best way to capture that fantasy.


Creating a safe and mutual trust environment with a client is extremely important to me to allow my clients open up, feel comfortable and shine their best in front of the camera.


I guard all my client privacy as my own. I always use secured server and all images will be deleted after downloaded. This is the foundation of my photography relationship.


Great images require good high resolution files. I always use top quality profoto photography equipments to produce the quality of images that meet my expectation.


With strong background of graphic design & printing. I package images ready for web use, digital or 4 color process print ready without sacrifice the quality of the image.

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How Does It Get Started

A Little History


Since life is so busy with work, family and many other distraction, I never have an opportunity to do what I like truly like for myself. I feel like I need to get out and do something so..

Until I chat up with my fellow graphic designer Wendy Wilsing. She started learning photography from this famous professional photographer and she shows me so many wonderful pictures that she took on her trip, her friends and clients. Just amazing, I felt in love with them right away. I expressed my feeling to her and how much want to try it so I start looking buy a new camera and start shooting.

Well, its not really that easy, its a very expensive hobby and it requires a lot of knowledge about camera body, lenses, accessory and how to work with the camera… a lot more of-course but I got very lucky, I posted a screensaver for Mac on Apple website and one of the professional photographer named Robert Lane, he discover work and we start sharing interest. He’s a wonderful, sweet, and of-course very professional photographer in Arizona, he developed a training DVD how to take photos like a pro and let me tell you, I learned and I learned so much from that DVD. I have his little guide book with me all the time whenever I can’t figure out about certain thing, it really help.

I got an honor to hang out with Robert Lane do a photo shoot in LA for a new cookbook and boy, its so overwhelming to watch everything he does. He knows exactly what he wants to do and it does not take long at all and BAM.. He got those shots down like no tomorrow. The results are amazing…

Well, before I bought a Canon 5D Mark II. I picked his brain a lot about the camera body and lenses, he patiently walking me through every step to help me making a right decision on what to buy and what best lenses for my level and boy he nailed it.

During my photography journey, I met Scotty, Janice, Jennifer, NRaca, Travis, Randy from RandyBlue and many others that support my work and help me along the way which I always cherish.

This will be my lifetime journey so if you interested to create beautiful pictures together, feel free to contact me.


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Ninon Nguyen started his photography journey since 2007. He focuses on sports, people, merchandise, outdoor nature and studio photography. For the last ten years he has travelled extensively, shooting special projects with many clients nation-wide. He also work on personal projects on his spare time.

Ninon is based in Southern California catering to local clients from Los Angeles to San Diego. He also travel to Las Vegas for special projects. He pay well attention to all detail and image quality in every photo shoot.


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